Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tribalfield Minecraft Server back up, Business as usual

Well it seems that my old favorite Tribalfield server is back up and running and has led to all the regulars returning (as well as some new ones). There's a few new addition, chests now cost money to place (which i assume they are now protected? and Netherworld is also active. My good friend Laver and I had previously joined the League Spirit Tribe and laver together with TheFiendish set us up at a rather interesting looking place which laver has now called Skyreach.

The Skyreach plateau

Laver's more recently built floating castle

 This place was unfortunately largely overshadowed by the spot that Tribalfield Moderator Jason1211 has found, which looked spectacular to say the least.

TheFiendish then went to set up "Fiendfield" (this was actually named by the tribe leader Mystic Duck for some reason) the LEague HQ just a bit north of Skyreach and it's doing quite well as per the below picture.

One thing Fiendfield does is have some huge borders the town border actually engulfs skyreach and is as high as the height limit. As you can also see from the picture the buildings all have some sort of order to them, this is the way Fiendish and Mystic Duck like to work as with the famous Waveham from the server a while back with rules and restrictions on what others can build in the town.

Although Laver and I are part of the League this is the reason I don't like to set up my home in organised towns as I don't like to be restricted in what I build,  you can probably see this from some of my previous creations many of which featured flowing lava that i've claimed are my "houses". I can only speak for myself but I'm pretty sure Laver feels this way too, we like to build what we want and if we have to tear up half a landmass to create a monolithic fortress that breaches the cloudline then so be it, lol.

And as such, here is a sneak peak at my latest creation, there's still a bit of work to be done though

Some ass stole my pork and my bed, same old unseen enemies


  1. you're welcome to build in fiendfield with no restrictions if you you build outside the main centre seeing as our claim is so huge :P

    loving the blog btw! :D


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