Thursday, 21 April 2011

Grand Theft Auto 4 Episodes from Liberty City, The Ballad of Gay Tony Skydiving

This is old news but I purchased myself a copy of Episodes from Liberty City which included the two smaller "spinoff" games which are tied to the original GTA4 similar to the "Vice City Stories":The Lost and the Damned & the Ballad of Gay Tony. The Lost and the Damned is about a motorcycle gang which featured in GTA4 where you play as a veteran member of the Gang, it was fun and also quite tame compared to the ludicrousness that is the latter.

In the The Ballad of Gay Tony, you play as Luis Lopez who is an assistant to the nightclub owner Gay Tony which seems that this is also some some small time hoodlum bashing, drug getting, gang fighting fun etc but it soon becomes apparent that TBOGT aims to bring back in all the high flying, terror instigating, action film style antics from the previous installment of GTA San Andreas that was missing from GTA4 I've barely got halfway through the game and already I've shot SWAT police off of the empire state building with an automatic shotgun full of exploding rounds then base jumped off the top, butchered a large group of arms smugglers and hookers and blew up a giant yacht with a hail of machine gun and rocket fire while piloting an armed helicopter, and also shot down a police SWAT tank which was being airlifted by a skycrane, to say this game was action packed just doesn't do it justice.

 But the thing I was most excited about was the re-introduction of parachuting/base jumping which I had always loved from the many games of skydive into the pool from San Andreas and with the addition of multiplayer, this makes it no less exciting.


And I... fly through the sky so high... with pie.


  1. I've recently completed both games too, absolutely fantastic stuff, great to hear i'm not the only one who liked them :D

  2. Thanks dude, yeh i loved GTA4 the the expanions were were no different