Sunday, 10 April 2011

Minecraft Creations, Singleplayer, March/April 2011, Housefort & Treehouse, Plane & Statue re-creations

Hello all I've decided to post some shots from my singleplayer map where I've been re-creating most of my lost multiplayer creations, I've also included some screens of the original house/fort I created with a lava moat among other things.

House Fort

This was probably my very first proper house, which has been there for quite a while now, as you can probably guess from the pictures it was once all made of wood but I suppose you can guess what happened and now i've replaced most of the structure with cobble. The moat was once water but i decided lava would look a bit better especially with Misa's realistic texture pack The house also features 2 minecart tracks going down to 2 huge mines.

This my Nether portal Altar, you can see the exit in one of the Statue pictures

Multiplayer Re-creations

I decided to re-create all of my houses/creations that I've lost in the past in multiplayer to server map resets/hackers etc though they always come out a bit different then before as building ooff my screenshots is quite challenging lol. I mainly did this so I could have one main map where i could showcase all my creations in the one area rather then just relying on screenshots, it was also fun to see what the older creations look like with the realitic texture pack.

Treehouse, from previous post

Statue of JD, from previous post

Private Jet

This is a re-creation but I have not recorded it in the earlier posts as when I took the screenshots when I had first made the plane it wasn't quite finished so I decided to only include shots of the re-created finished version.