Thursday, 7 April 2011

Minecraft Creations Nov/Dec 2010, Big Cave and Treehouse

These shots are back from when I first started playing Minecraft they were taken on my ever popular server Tribalfield

Giant Cave

This was a particularly large cave I found while exploring on the server , there didnt happen to be anyone there at the time but they had been there from the looks of the furnaces and workbenches, I doubt they could have mined all that out by themselves though.


This was originally the pride and joy of my existance on Tribalfield I had found place for myself and started a treehouse that was build on the tops of multiple giant trees, and this is what was created.

Unfortunately for me this house was relatively short lived as while me and my good friend kakashi57 werer working on my farm our server was apparently hacked, this started off with little things at first (ie random spawning obsidian) then it just got crazy, we started shitting out feathers then cobble then gold and diamond blocks then MOB SPAWNERS followed by mobs, then TNT all of the while we were running around like headless chickens, inevitably the TNT blew up part of my treehouse which set it on fire thus resulting in this:

 I took it all in stride as there wasnt really much I could do, all in all it was quite a fun (and scary) event for all involved inc: kakashi57, mystic_duck, chaote, angrathar, carceous, lupidoo and special thanks to harro223 for his help with cleaning up the mess.


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