Thursday, 7 April 2011

Minecraft Creations Jan/Feb 2011, Great Tree, Treefortress, and Temple of Air and other randoms

These shots are from the two of the server world resets we experienced on Tribalfield, these introduced the leveling system ie you had to level up to use different kinds of materials and also the Tribal system, where you were part of a certain tribal community and had a unique attribute to that tribe i.e a Spirit tribe's members did not take damage from falling and a Water tribe's members did not run out of breath. Our Tribe was Air faction and was named Zephyri Procellae we had some kind of power which allowed to not be squashed by other blocks which had it's uses in some places.

Also at this time I had started using Misa's realistic Texture Pack which changed the look of minecraft greatly I have to admit now I find i can't even go back to the old look. Thats the trouble with user-made game modifications you become accustomed to them and whenever there's an update to the game they usually cease to work and because you refuse to play the game without them you have to scramble to find a latest version and if this particular mod is not being developed anymore you need to find a suitable replacement. It was the same story with World of Warcraft which I now have taken a break from.

The Great Tree

I always had an idea to make a gigantic tree and cut out a living space inside of it but it was difficult with the way trees grow in minecraft though all they need is one dirt block to place the saplings on, so i decided to grow a patch of trees and place saplings on the tops and side so it sprouted upwards, I was quite pleased with the results though with the server restrictions i couldnt quite get to the top :( .

Tree Fortress

This rather odd looking structure emerged from the 2nd server reset I experienced where the monsters in minecraft were activated on the server. I built the entire structure starting from a hole in the ground I first grew the trees then made the treehouse then added the walls and moat pit afterwards this provided me maximum protection from zomabies etc.

The Temple of Air

This I made for my tribe Zephyri Procellae which is based on "Zerphr" also known as Zephyrus the Latin god of wind, it's made using the single stone slabs trick.

That there is Diamond ore and quite alot of it in the one spot

I think my character looks quite good in full leather armor

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