Thursday, 7 April 2011

Minecraft Creations, March 2011, Underground House, Disco, Brik Howze and randoms

These shots were from the AEF FPS Clan's Minecraft Server which I had a brief residency on along with Laver987654321, Atomic_Sandwich & Jabbcore which we inhabited while Tribalfield was down. I was choosing a new server to play on and noticed that AEF indeed had monsters on and minimum lag, there I met Lachlan49 who led me to the town of "Stripville" (don't ask) whose mayor's name eludes me for now. I eventually joined the town and invited the others to come to the server. I indeed still do visit the server from time to time which I think the other three are still there.

Underground House

I wanted to make a fully furnished house this time but also wanted to make an underground dwelling so I decided to put the two together, I found it quite unfriendly with just the light from the torches underground so I decided to add some surface skylights to brighten up the place. I found it turned out quite well although the mayor wasn't exactly happy with me for going way out of my area restrictions.


A Disco I made with Lachlan49 for our town, we weren't allowed to make the redstone flash unfortunately cause it lags the server.

Brik Howze

At this point I had left Stripville and joined Laver, Jabbcore and Atomic Sandwich at their new town so yet another new house was fresh for ideas. I decided to make this house out of brick so I went on rather large scale clay hunts and found quite alot, mind you it does take a long time to smelt the clay into brick so it took me quite awhile to build this. I wanted to make this as a quite plain looking well furnished house but as you can see I was continuing with my theme of lava features, this one spanning 4 levels with a nice feature at the top.


I like this shot of Lachlan making the disco

There's quite a lot of interesting things on the AEF server this is just a taste

Mechwarrior made mostly out of Netherrock

Odd looking Bear sculpture which I'm sure I've seen before


  1. hello :) found your blog via google after searching for brick houses. Could you tell me what texture pack you use? It's lovely!

  2. Hey buddy sorry I've taken so long to reply, didn't notice you had posted.

    The texture pack is Misa's Realistic 64x64

    The one I'm using at the moment is LB Photorealism 256x256 which is quite the unbelievable.