Thursday, 21 April 2011

Minecraft Creations, Fortress and Brik Howze Singleplayer rebuilds

Just a quick update finished rebuilding my old fortress in singleplayer. This was possibly the hardest rebuild I had done mainly because of the unusual land layout and basis of construction which just were too hard to mimic, but I think I did a good enough job anyway, the building had a few chnages, especially with the lower level of the inside which is apparent when you look at the old pictures, the texture pack as always is a nice chnage too.

Fortress rebuild, from previous post

Brik Howze

The Brik Howze in stark contrast didnt go through much chnages as i'd hoped to keep it the same, only major differences was the terrace on the top level and the different colour carpet on the bottom level. I've included the two similar screenshots to compare.

Brik Howze rebuild, from previous post

Original (which is still on AEF server I might add)

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