Thursday, 7 April 2011

Minecraft Creations Nov/Dec 2010, Fortress, Mini-House, JDheaven

These shots are back from when I first started playing Minecraft they were taken on my ever popular server Tribalfield

Fortress of JD

After my treehouse was destroyed the hackers actually put giant waterfalls of lava above the ruins probably so it could never be made again but with the help of harro223 who was an admin we poured water over the lava waterfalls this cooling it into cobblestone, I decided to make a new house out of the huge towers of cobblestone and the debris that remained making quite an interesting result.


This was a sort of a joke creation which I contributed to mystic_duck and wagapm's 'Valleytown'

JD Heaven

This idea started when I wanted to make myself a sort of cloud-house in the sky out of wool, i ended up making some kind of throne in the sky made almost entirely out of glass and wool.

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