Thursday, 7 April 2011

Minecraft Creations Nov/Dec 2010, Statue of JD and random stuff

 These shots are back from when I first started playing Minecraft they were taken on my ever popular server Tribalfield

Statue of JD

Because of my mass egotism I decided to build a giant statue of myself in my own town , I play Minecraft wearing a particularly lame Domo-kun skin hence the resemblance.

This here is the originally 5x5 block cave I mined to get all the cobble to smelt

Random things

These are just a few things i've come across in the minecraft world, all on Tribalfield server

Animals! lots of them

Whoopsies!, this is where I learned that fire can spread, just like real life

A beautiful natural gorge

 Lava just sitting on the surface, no idea how it gets there

And finally a quite hilarious conversation between my two friends warpageHD and harro223 which I had to take a screenshot of

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