Thursday, 7 April 2011

Minecraft Creations, March 2011, Lava Temple

Hello again, these shots are back on the Tribalfield Minecraft server where I am now part of the Spirt faction tribe "The League" with my good friend WarpageHD in the sandy (which partly inspired the below creation) town of 'Brickly' I must say that taking no falling damage is quite useful indeed.

Lava Temple

Originally this supposed to be just a pyramid as I wanted to make something out of the rather new block inside the game sandstone. I then changed to a sort of more 'temple' looking structure the decided that it could benefit from some lava flows (why not!) and soon after that, cacti! or cactuses however you would say it. I created quite a dangerous looking gladiator arena at the bottom. After making this I found that compared with the other denizens houses of the town of Brickly that it was rather ludicrous looking, also while admiring my work I fell into one of the lava flows and subsequently killed myself I think now I need no lava damage :D

I also included a picture of my temporary dwelling I dubbed the 'Sand Hut' I think it looks very quaint.

Well thats all for now folks thanks for reading, I've mainly been re-making the past creations that I've lost in the server resets so that will be to come.


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