Friday, 29 April 2011

Minecraft Creations: The Grey Tower, The League HQ

Hello again folks, well we've all been pretty busy on the tribalfield server, I've finally finished my new home aka the Grey Tower and also Laver and I have been created different things for our tribe the League, my peice was a tribe HQ which I'll go into details about later.

The Grey Tower

This is my 'house' in the new Tribalfield server created in Skyreach. As soon as you see this you probly have the idea that I had Lord of the Rings in mind but really it's only the name, I was racking my brain for ideas then had the thought of making a pillar like structure, except I wanted it to start from deep in the ground, The tower actually goes roughly level 47 right up to 125 making it quite a tall tower! though you cant really see the lower part because of all the lava, interior was a bit of a challenge because of the small space, but I put the rooms one different levels with each having a different function so it wasnt too hard, I do quite like the Nether area down the bottom with the portal and the flowing lava out the windows sides.

And this is the cave i mined out getting most of the cobble

The League HQ

While I was in the League I was asked (quite spontaneously) to create a HQ for the League Tribe, it needed to have a meeting room, a library and a reception. The design was quite out there but i think I pulled it off ok, I went for a smooth stone structure base which the bottom level would be the reception and league gallery (members and ranks dsiplay on signs, something like that) and the top would be the library. After that I enclosed a large area above the library in glass and placed floating smooth stone blocks where the tribe members would stand for a meeting and make some steps out of smooth stone and glass top get there. I think it worked quite ell allthough most of the time I didnt have a solid idea what I was doing, ah well.

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