Thursday, 25 August 2011

Minecraft Adventures: Tribalfield rebirth, Zocrowe Island and the Giant Tree

Well as much as I was trying to avoid it, NorC has inevitably sparked the life into Tribalfield Minecraft Server once again. I thought I had built it all, done my goodbye blog post and dusted off WoW after a 4 month hiatus for a good sinister strike up the rear again but not too long after I see from my fountain of information that is facebook a post that says quote "Server has been compelely reset... all players have been given 2500 Gold to get started." Which I couldn't decide whether it filled me with happiness or dread.  Regardless the server was gleefully revived via (you guessed it) a server reset and free gold which was all that was needed as I said before in my previous post the main problem was all the conflicting claims, which I think is destined to happen again unfortunately. Even so players flocked back to Tribalfield plus a few more and pardon my french but there was shit poppin up all over da place yo, claims buildings, you name it and of course the occaisional griefing etc as you would, which is partly kept under control by the lockable chests.

Pretty soon my good friend Kakashi had set up a tribe called LoL "Land of Loners" which I agreed to join, we had made a small base and i managed to gather alot of clay to build a brick lighthouse, but unfortunately the server had to be reset again and we subsequently lost all this (I also had not taken any screenshots). But then it came back up and pretty soon I was a part of the "Zocrowe Island" claim with my good friends Bailey and Lupidoo and after getting the idea from Bailey's 'tree trunk' house we decided to make something I had been meaning to do properly for a while: build a proper "Great Tree"

The Giant Tree

This was a joint project with BaileydeBortoli, Lupidoo and various others with most of the work going to Bailey and Lupi. We decided to make Bailey's island in the middle of his claim bigger and construct a massive tree around his original house. I had tried this project before using my own way of growing trees on top of each spreading outwards till i got to the height limit, but as you can see from the pictures I now know that this isn't giant tree per se it's more a 'giant bush' made of dozens of trees sprouting close to each other, course the main thing was a lack of a trunk. I'd explored a certain server (which I now can't find anymore) and found an example which inspired the design. I made most of the trunk area but well done to Lupi for putting in the effort with the top and branches, I do think that the trunk still was a bit wide but nonetheless it was a great feat indeed.

Big thanks too all who took part and looked great for a while, but inevitably things like these are targets of certain mischevious individuals resulting in the tree's untimely demise

Photo courtesy of Ariel Zohar
So that was that, we decided to cut down the tree for resources, but we'll always remeber it as this memorial at the centre of Zocrowe town hall proudly displays.

The Island of Zocrowe

Having been made by BaileydeBortoli as a simple island has grown into quite a large town and community of (mostly) friendly helpful people which I am proud to call my home though I am not that active in the community as of yet. With thanks to BaileydeBortoli, Lupidoo, WretchedGiraffe, kakashi, creeper, cashman, Jorobinson, Frewer, Angrathar, dadmitchl, Mib44, Zmaster, Naffy, optionall and midnitebocow for making such a great community.

Other Tribalfield happenings....

As well as building in and around Zocrowe I did a bit of exploring, so these are some other things I've seen around.....

Bailey organised to get the hill on the southwest of Zocrowe removed (which actually happened to be creeper217's house) and this was the result.

I just happened to stumble upon the old Skyreach on my travels and also found the original site of my Grey Tower which reminded me that this wasn't a completely newly created map, just the same one from before just reset.

The untouched Skyreach Plateau

The original site of my Grey Tower

And last but not least, the budding town of Raynevale, which is being created by the apparently reformed 'Temple of the Cactus Union'

Courtesy of Austin Cram

Well that'll be all for now folks, Sorry I haven't been on as often as I liked as I said beofore just trying to catch up on some WoW. I hope to see you again more often soon, will probably stop my WoW subscription next time it runs out in order to get some more minecrafting in. be back soon with my new creations!

And also a big thanks to all those who voted for me as the next admin!


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