Monday, 1 August 2011

Minecraft Adventures: MikeLand and the Rubix House

Hello all, firstly I'd like to say how glad (and sad) I am that we've regained our interest in the Tribalfield server, I'm sad because I was just trying to get into WoW again after a long break playing Minecraft but i'm glad that I now have a friendly server to play on and don't have to resort to server hopping to find a good one.

One server I did find it be rather fun was the seemingly dangerous and destructive MikeLand Survival Server which I had a brief run on ( I do believe Warpage and Kieran are still playing on there) It's the only server I've been on where I've seen "Hey let's go out griefing" in chat. There is two more versions on MikeLand which are: Factions (which I had a play on beforehand) and Creative. This server was a potential beehive for destruction as Warpage and I found that anywhere near spawn if u logged out one day and came back the next your house would be griefed. Fortunately MikeLand has the LWC mod running which basically means that other players cannot destory any chests, doors and furnaces that you place.

What this resulted in was players making entire houses out of furnaces I'd never understood why there were so many stacked together around the server until Warpage explained to me why he wanted all my cobble. There were people trading diamonds for stacks of cobble for christ's sake, it was possibly the most amusing quirk i'd come across since the whole book selling thing we had going on Tribalfield in the past. Warpage is still there and his house is still standing and the interior is all intact as he reports so it must work I guess which must frustrate the hell out of potential griefers who I did see pouring lava over someones tower of furnaces in some kind of fruitless attempt to "heat" them out? I wouldn't know.

Here are some shots of the server:

Spawn area: that tower in the centre was the spawn point, if u got too close to the edge it catapulted you off

House made of furnaces

WarpageHD's House (it goes down further)

Rubix House, Multiplayer and Singleplayer

While I was adventuring/dodging pvpers and griefers in the hostile environment that was MikeLand I was meandering over the idea to make a house entirely of coloured wool, just out of precaution I walked more then 2000 blocks away from spawn (which inevitably wasn't far enough) while also shearing any sheep and collecting any flowers or cactuses I found like some kind of crazed farmer/botanist. I eventually found a good spot and set to work, and with the help of some Lapis Lzuli from Warpage, came out ok. I named it the "Rubix house" in relation to an actual rubix cube except the house itself isn't exactly square

Inevitably due to the nature of the server I came back one day and found this unfortunate scene.

With that behind me I set out in my singleplayer world to make a proper Rubix House which was actually square. I can be safe in the knowlege that this time it will be there for a much longer time.

One last thing, while roaming servers I found a particular treehouse which someone had made, and immediately it showed to me what a proper treehouse should be, I didn't get any shots of the interior but I can assure you it was a sight indeed.

So with the Tribalfield crew back looks like there will be many more creations to come from the good ol' lads (and ladies)

Till next time


His house is made for burning


  1. It sucks that you didn't get a couple of screenies of the lighthouse. Or maybe you did. I hope you did. I also added lightstone to it when you were offline.

  2. Unfortunately I didn't was going to once I had got the lightstone, ah well can do it again I guess

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