Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Minecraft Creations: The Skyreach Plateau Fortress

Since I've had relatively nothing to do recently I was assigned by wagapm to build a fortress in Skyreach, in case of invasion, It wasn't  too hard to decide that the best place for it would be at the top of the plateau in Skyreach.

This was mainly a joint project with my fellow tribesman lupidoo I built the outer wall, the main fortress and the middle tower & lupidoo made the southern fort & stairs. I didn't really know the whole point of the fort, supposedly it was supposed to be some sort of refuge when we are 'attacked' by a rival tribe, which brings me to my next post.... (which I decided to make an entirely seperate post for)

On another note my real-life friend dickdatson has been busy it seems, and has  a rather impressive setup just a meander away from Skyreach as these shots show

A man's home is a castle, but it doesn't have to be a fortress, I now have both :D

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