Saturday, 6 August 2011

Duke Nukem Forever, I finished it, I had fun, so sue me

Unless the title as you completely wahzingoed yes I did finish DUke Nukem Forever and I had quite a bit of laughs along the way, wther it's his stupid one liners, or the ridiculous riches and in-game popularity that Duke has after previously saving the world 12 years ago Duke Nukem Forever for me had humerous bits and peices everywhere. The overall game isn't really that long and because of this 3D Realms has been able to squeeze in a lot of content including a few different ways to play the game for example there are levels where you are shrunk to a tiny size, use a remote control monster truck and also a full size one, as well as underwater and helicopter parts. Another thing I enjoyed was the way the camera swung around during parts where Duke was wrestling with a flying alien or being surged out of a damn by a raging torrent.

The single greatest title for an Autobiography ever.
Arrgh I am so small and ze rats are so big!, oh wait their normal size

Yes there are the usual half-naked women etc and certain parts of the game are dedicated to just that, there is also a "story line" but it's just your usual "Aliens invade the earth (again), Duke comes in and beats the crap out of everything" The game does really capture the feeling of being Duke and is definately a good throwback to the old days of standing and blasting cowboy style instead of all this cover based shooting business we have today. Some people may complain about only being able to carry two guns and also there are no iron sights but the reason for that comes down to sticking with the original Duke 3D and I don't mind it at all, plus who wants iron sights in a game like this?

In conclusion Duke Nukem  Forever is crazy, over the top and just plain fun.

I have a modesty meter...

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