Thursday, 28 July 2011

Minecraft Creations: The Grey Tower, Singleplayer version (Final)

Hi everyone, well the singleplayer version of my Grey Tower is complete, has been for a while now actually just been getting around to posting the shots. There was a few changes in the design as said in my previous post, the most prominent being the size of the tower, the old one went from level 47 to 125 making it 78 block high, this one goes all the way from level 6 to level 128 making it 122 blocks high! As you can see in some of the pictures, I used the mod singleplayercommands to make self-centered explosions to blast a hole in the mountain right down to level 6 though this didn't exactly work out as well as I'd hoped cause afterwards I found that I'd built the tower too much to one side (oh well).

This time I decided to just put 4 waterfalls of lava round each side instead of filling the whole outside with it, the other reason being that some time after i'd taken the shots I created a minecart track around the outside of the fortress because I had actually blown right through and exposed one of my underground mine shafts. With the tower being alot taller (and wider to some degree) I had to almost the amount of rooms inside so apart from the usual rooms I had before, I decided to have an 'elements' theme to the rest of them.

Here's a shot of the singleplayer tower and tower made in multiplayer together

Some more outside shots of the Tower

The Rooms

The Loby (and no I didn't misspell that)

Crafting Room

My Room :D (yes that is a tree growing inside)
The Sky (or lookout) floor

The Library

The Water floor (yes those are squids)

The Earth floor

The Stone floor (I had no idea what to do with this floor so it's kinda lame it was supposed to be the Fire floor but i decided to merge that with the bottom floor)

The Hell floor

I'm not sure whether it was the interior or exterior that took me the longest but it was one hell of an improvement over the original, seeyas next time with some new multiplayer creations.


That's nuthin, mines 122 tall.... bitch