Monday, 20 May 2013

Minecraft Creations: The Hunter's Hall

Hi all, As explained in my previous Minecraft Creations post,  I agreed to create a building (a house of course as I always do) for my friend Richard’s Town/World of Ralgon, I was designated a spot right on the edge of town and I decided to challenge myself to do a house in a sort of L-shape. I quickly got the idea for it to be a sort of a long hallway which reminded me of the Jarl’s Longhouses of Skyrim so I decided to name it the Hunter’s Hall.

The hall inside Ralgon
 I decided to create the house using Spruce wood and logs as we were using Misa’s 64x64 realism texture pack and the spruce wood worked remarkably well for a “Woodland Hunter’s Hall” style. I designed the house to be a fairly long straight hallway with an entrance at the front which opens into a larger room which juts off to the left, I made the corners and the lower trim with spruce wood logs and put the planks in the middle. I made the ceiling using spruce wood stairs as the levels effect is now much easier to pull off with the stairs now joining at the edges. I also made the it quite high as I wanted it to look like a hall more than a house though I then got an idea to do a second level balcony.

Side andd rear exteriror of the hall
 I carved out some windows on the lower level and made the doorway which was a bit close to the building next to it but meh couldn’t really do anything about it. I did the carpet in brown wool with stone slabs for the alchemy and furnace/anvil areas and laid out all the items inc chests, a workbench and furnaces along the walls. I did a 2 block high wall and fence on top around a corner for my room and fit most of the usual stuff in there and made the bit next to it the Alchemy corner.

Front door
Inside from front (NPC heads!)
My room entrance and Alchemy Corner
Ceiling view of my room
I built a ladder up to the top level and fenced off the balcony, this was going to be a sort of library level with the enchanting table, bookshelves and seat for reading, I did try to put windows up there but unfortunately they would have been right up against the roof on the outside and didn’t look very good.

Balcony and Enchanting space
 After that I began decorating the walls with item pictures, I was originally just going to do pictures of the weapons and armour but then decided to do all the tools as well items from wood to diamond, I also made a display of the armour sets in the blacksmithing corner and some npc heads on the other side of the furnaces.
Tools and Weapon item portraits
Armor item portraits
I reckon it came out pretty well, I hope my contribution was adequate for the town, It may not be as big or spectacular as some of Richard’s creations but hey at least it’s well furnished.


Quite a nice shot of the hall with the sunrise (I think) over Ralgon.

There is always wood.

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