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Minecraft Adventures: The Underground City

Hi everyone, about a month ago now I and my good friend Richy D got together for another Minecraft lan similar to the last one we had but this time with more creation and building in mind instead of killing and subterfuge, the first thing I did though was Richard asked me if I wanted to make a building in his town in the world of Ralgon which I agreed and will document this in the next Minecraft Creations Post. Ralgon is a pretty Impressive town that Richard has built and added over a large period of time which as you can see has a quite a few interesting sights, including some cool looking towers, an awesome roller coaster and a man-made-mountain. Just a note I’m using Misa’s 64x64 Realism texture pack to take these screenshots rather than my usual Faerielight 256x256 as that’s what we mostly played in.

Here's a few shots of Ralgon's main city.

Richard's man-made mountain.
What I had in mind though was an Underground City, or town really, I’ve had this idea for a while since the underground staircase lair back on Ozgamerparty. Richard though had bigger plans, he went out into the desert through his Nether portal network and tunnelled a hole down to near bedrock, he then proceeded to self-explode carving out a huge cavern underneath the desert and flattening out the floor, all done with SingleplayerCommands as he is a bit more knowledgeable in the mod then I am. So as you will see it looked pretty damn epic.

The current underground "village" viewed from a lower angle
While Richard built the entryway I was already scouting around to find a good location for my dwelling in this dark and desolate land that would be our new home, I soon found a small portion of the cave where the cave roof was only about 14 or so blocks from the floor. I decided to wall the area from the floor to where it touched the roof in brick as I usually do with underground dwellings to make them look more homely, I then cleaned up the stone around the walls and roof and patched up the holes in the roof with wood, I got Richard to cover the floor in purple carpet and added doors. I also cut a few gaps in the top of the wall cause there were a lot of bats flying around and I like the idea of having the floor of my house all lit up and the roof all dark for the bats to hang in, sort of like a bat-house heh.

My brick walled-off corner with the bat grates.
I'd left the interior relatively untouched apart from covering the floor in purple carpet and filling the gaps in the walls and roof with bricks and wood.
Richard has built the entryway to the city with was a small nondescript-looking, lit up square hole in the middle of the desert. The hole was made of iron blocks and quartz and you jumped down into water then came out through main entryway into the city, Richard had made a couple of houses and skull cave entryway and had spawned some villagers who were all gathering around the entrance as they probably angle toward the light and stay out of the underground which was kind of funny and sad in this situation, like they were desperately trying to get away from this desolate place we had made for them.

The entrance hole to the city.
There's currently a way down but no way up, almost like a prison.
The entrance/exit buildings looks a bit more picturesqe
Skull Cave! The Phantom would be proud
Which gave me an idea, I decided to make some accommodation for the villagers, and it would range from 1 to 5 stars, I managed to make the 1, 2 and 3 star house (without furnishings) before we had to stop and Richard made what would probably be the 1st class accommodation.

The Villager accommodation, from left to right 1, 2, 3 and possibly 5 star (not including my house in the distance of course.
 Richard then showed me what he’d been doing in one of the caves, he’d used the /replace commands from the SingleplayerCommands mod to replace all the blocks in the cave to something more spectacular, blocks of gold, blocks of emerald, blocks of diamond, lapis lzuli blocks, lightstone, redstone lamps you name it and the results were quite intoxicating. He'd also lapis-lzulified a nearby chasm.

The "Crystal Caves" A very plain looking entry
LoL, we blasted into an abandoned mineshaft
Elevated view of the current city
So that was it for the moment, we still have the world saved so we may go back and add to it over time, stay tuned for the Minecraft creations post of my Hunter’s Hall in Ralgon.


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