Friday, 8 January 2016

Minecraft Creations: Respawn Lan V33, Minecraft "Prehistoric" build Competition

Happy New Year Everyone! I seem to be doing less and less posts every year but I guess their just getting more detailed or I'm having a more fulfilling life or maybe things are just getting busier. In any case hopefully I can make 2016 an awesome year for gaming and reviews. This was the first of the posts I've made in the quiet period leading up to Christmas and I think I should have posted it in december before the new year, but oh well it's here now and maybe I'll have some more for backup during the busy period.

So welcome to 2016 people, let's get gaming (and writing)....

It had been a while since I had done a Minecraft creation comp as now with Lanslide no longer doing Minecraft competitions at all, I am now left with Respawn and PAX to fuel my Minecraft competitive juices. The theme for this particular comp was “Prehistoric” and after much deliberation I though I might as well do an ice age scene as most people would think of doing dinosaurs in a jungle. So I got to work on a wooly mammoth which turned out ok and an attempt on a Sabre toothed Tiger which really didn’t.

The finished scene
Early shot with Mammoth, Sabre Toothed Tiger and Cave
I made a pretty impressive natural looking cave for some cavemen by just piling on different stone blocks and ended up having heaps of monsters spawn in there including Endermen haha. I was going to put villagers inside the cave but unfortunately you could not spawn them so I had to just make block characters a la Ace of Spades.

So many monsters!

Finished Cave with block cavemen.
 I also made this prehistoric armadillo creature just for another creature though it was pretty basic and I made another bigger mammoth.

Bigger Woolly Mammoth
My crappy Sabre Tooth Tiger
My crappy armadillo thing which almost looked like some kind of temple
I made a border around the edge with wool and then put a frozen pond in the middle and snow all around with cobblestone block with torches for more light, I also made a snowman just for the hell of it. So that was it, last thing was to add some more layers of snow for effect.

The Scene by night
I realise now that I didn’t actually give the Mammoths trunks but it didn’t matter as due to me forgetting to upload my creation to the intranet and some organisation issues with the Respawn staff It took hours for me to get the actual contest resolved and it turned out I was the only one who had done anything anyway. So I won that one another hollow victory though and yes I got yet another mouse to add to the collection.


Alternate view of the scene

Running a race against myself again

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