Friday, 18 December 2015

Minecraft Creations: The Brick Mansion Chapter 7, Some small updates

Hi all, I have recently made a few changes to my Brick Mansion, specifically I have now walled off the “relaxation zone” which included the pool, the sauna and the spa. I had been thinking of doing this for awhile and of course open plan is nice but no-one wants the smell of chlorine when having dinner.

The wall was brick for the border obviously though this time the doorways and doors themselves were made from Acacia wood as I had not used this type of wood at all in the building of the house (as it wasn’t in the game yet for most of the construction) Most of the wall itself featured large windows of which I set stained glass in a chequered rainbow configuration that looks ok but I may change in the future. Unfortunately I have just noticed that Acacia doors are actually the most flimsy letting a lot of air through and are almost not like a door at all, but anyway the area was mostly blocked off so it was fine.

The new wall sorrounding the relaxation zone.

View from the 'Relaxation zone'

Another thing I did was widen the steps leading down to the basement to three blocks instead of two as the biggest staircase down is on the other side from the relaxation zone though it would actually have less people going down it. 

The widened staircase going down to the lower level, still no barrier though
I still didn’t construct a barrier as it would have covered too much of the jungle garden below, so people will just have to be careful hah though maybe I will make one in the future I don’t know. I also re-did the planter in the middle to make it a bit smaller and I also had to take out the tree.

The new wall view from the dining area
 I re-did the stonework for the Sauna in polished andesite as I think it looks much better than the cracked stone brick used before. 

The newly decorated Sauna

 The last thing I did was make a doorway instead of just an alcove into the resource hall as when people are having dinner and dancing they probably wouldn’t want to hear what’s going on in there, all the Minecart noise and such. Though now I also realise there would be all this sound coming from the Forge below so maybe I should think about doing a chimney from the roof of the forge though it would have to go sideways out though that may be an idea.

The new doorway into the resource hall from the dancefloor
From a suggestion by a friend I also thought about making some sort of diving board for the pool or some way of getting into the middle area without having to clamber over the outer lanes but I tried making a way across but it didn’t look too good so I just thought I’d keep it the way it was.

One last change was that I was looking to possibly add some windows to the areas which had none. I created some steel barred vents on the very top of the walls of the forge that let outwards to the wall of the house letting the heat escape including one which out into the soccer pitch.

Speaking of which I managed to fit two large iron barred “windows” on opposite all of the indoor soccer pitch, one of which you can only see the bottom of the outdoor pool but at least it’s getting some fresh air in and a way for the heat from, the forge to get out. There wasn’t many other places I make windows where there weren’t already.

The Library really didn’t have any space, the theatre and club obviously didn’t need them, I did have a spare wall in the alchemy room where I put a window into there, I made sure all the lower level windows were barred for safety reasons especially when some were on the non-walled side of the house.

Window in the Alchemy Room
The air vents and windows on the non-walled side of the house
 So just some small changes until a new patch or a think of something else.


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