Friday, 1 November 2013

Minecraft Creations: The Lan Slide V5.0 Melbourne PC Minecraft Competition

I’ve been attending Lanslide since its second iteration and have a had a great time in the events I’ve been to. The last time I went I managed to win the Minecraft competition with my Jungle Greenhouse though at that time I only had one opponent and this most recently I had no competition which makes it kind of easy to win. Saying I really don’t have a problem with winning by default and I’m no stranger to it, especially with Minecraft. I went to 3 Minecraft competitions at the now closed Melbourne Mana Bar in which the first was a big turnout with my Tribalfield buddies and us having some quite serious competition, then the second and third times I was the only person who showed up for the competition.

Anyway, at Lanslide 5 the admins made a theme for this events Minecraft Competition and that was Melbourne PC yes the business that hosts the landslide events and I immediately wondered what the hell I was going to make and the only two things I could think of was a giant computer or the building itself so I decided to create the latter and ducked out to take some photos of the front of the building. I think it came out pretty well apart from the meddling with the Pokeball and the explosions from my interfering colleagues, I also had to stop-and-go with the tournaments I was in but I had enough time to make something decent.

Early shot, I did this in the default texture pack as that would be what everyone would see it as.

I added the Melb PC test up the top for extra effect

Was taking screenshots every minute with fear that those idiots blowing up their Pokeball that they had built right near my building.
Some night shots

Google Maps view of the actual Melbourne PC building

So that was that I won a creeper headrest hat and a set of coke glasses which is as good a prize as any I guess. I played in the League of Legends, Flatout2 and Armagetronad comps, was going to go in Starcraft II but that didn't end up happening. Anyway, fun times and looking forward to the next and possibly having some competition for the next Minecraft competition.


Creeper Hood!

The unchallenged will always conquer

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