Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Minecraft Adventures: The Underground City, Progress and Hellish Prisons

Well a few weeks ago I was back at Richy D’s place for another round of Minecraft creation fun, we decided to continue working on the underground city we had previously started building. I apologise for the lack of screenshots as I was kinda busy at the time and forgot to take enough and I also forgot to take a copy of the world so I could take more screenshots.

A cool looking cave Richard had blasted out
 I started finishing off the houses that I had previously built and Richard fixed up the quartz paths and made a street light. We built two ‘luxury’ houses along the path and I say luxury because they were fairly luxurious compared to the other houses that had been built, Richard made a single level L-shaped house while I made a two-level large rectangular. Mine was supposed to be the 5-star house if I was still working off that initial idea that I had for the villager accommodation so it was properly made of bricks, wood and wool for carpet unlike the others which were made of a mixture of wood and stone or just stone. After I finished building I realised it was too low and the windows touched the ground (and I like them to be one block up so hence why it’s got a sort of sandpit around it. I didn’t know what else to do as you wouldn’t be able to get grass down here, it’ll probably look pretty good with some cacti around though I still dunno what we’re going to do for plant life around here, mushrooms maybe? We could use mushrooms of all sizes and mycelium as the basis of the underground ecosystem, especially since they are technically the only plant life underground apart from moss, anyway it’s an idea. 

My main house on the top and Richard's on the left
Back view of the new house I made.

 The underground city was starting to form pretty well, Richard made a cool looking lighthouse tower thing with lava then after that we were deciding what to build next, and for some reason we decided we wanted to build a jail, right in between two of our houses (including mine) no less. So we started building this jail and right away I knew it was doing something different then the norm something more disturbing than the normal happy Minecraft building. I didn’t really have to think much about what block I was going to make the structure out of: stone brick of course, I think I love it a bit too much though it’s the most fitting for an underground jail, plus stone slabs for the floor rounded it off quite well. For the design we decided on two levels, the top level would be predominately for villagers while the bottom basement level would house all kinds of nasties, such as blazes, zombies and skeletons. 

Far view of the underground city inc Richard's 'Light Tower'
Main hallway of the prison
Additional cells
I designed the top level in a sort of L shape with a long hallway at the front which has the stairway to the basement on the right and leading to another room and more cells on the left, I also did my usual heightened roof with iron bars all around. The cells were narrow but reasonably long, I liked the way when you put villagers in there as prisoners they stood on their beds near the window trying to get towards the light outside. I didn’t put much in the cells just a bed, chest and desk with chair, I used iron doors obviously with switches outside to control them. I went downstairs to see that Richard had made a hellish monster ridden dungeon with skulls and a torture rack, which gave me an very sinister idea. 

Cells and Villager prisoners

I decided to the main room upstairs into a sort of Hostel-esque room where unfortunate prisoners deemed are tortured then chopped up on the table then the body parts disposed into the nearby lava chamber, I made the room complete with a victim cage so they could watch prisoners before them being killed and adorned the rest of the room with other benches furnaces and dispensers. I also got the idea to light up the building with redstone torches instead of normal torches as it created a darker gloomier effect which suited the prison much better. Only after finishing this place did I realise that this was pretty f’ed up though I took value in the situation that we may have been the first people to make something like this in Minecraft. 

Richard's underground dungeon
The "humane" bodily disposal room
Alternate view
Throughout our building Richard had decided to turn monsters on so there were monsters all over the place on the houses etc, though because it was on creative they did not attack us they only attacked the villagers so it got pretty funny when we were building and testing out the cells. Because of the zombie hordes mechanics we sometimes had 10 zombies outside a cell that a villager was in and because they come from up to 16 blocks away I had zombies coming in from every direction, they’d literally walk right past me looking at me and continued down the stairs to find the villagers and I had to sue fire to clear them out occasionally. Weirdest time I’ve had building ever.

Oh well, the Underground city continues

My mother would be proud

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