Monday, 29 April 2013

Minecraft Creations: Zeppelin and Temple of Water Love, Creative rebuilds

I haven’t done a post on these remakes in a while as I only usually do if the newly remade creation is somewhat different to the original, whether they were bigger, more complex, or better designed  as playing  in creative mode has the obvious advantage of unlimited resources. So as with other remade creations such as my Grey Tower they often come out very different to what was made in the restrictions of multiplayer, not to mention the fear of the server being reset for an impending new game update which always seem to come up at the wrong time.

I’ve decided to feature my Zeppelin being the obvious choice as it’s had a major change since the multiplayer version, I’ll also be featuring my Temple of Water Love though it’s had fairly minor changes that come when a building is built into the landscape then is rebuilt in a different location. Both creations from this post back in October 2011 and some of my Tribalfield friends will notice the Temple and the Zeppelin from the 1.7 and 1.8 maps respectively, I had decided to re-create them in my main world as I wanted to get rid of the two rather large maps out of my Minecraft install. I still have them saved though.


My Zeppelin in particular I wanted to remake as it had the one major change of the balloon not being mostly made out of cobblestone. Which sounds kind of ridiculous but as I originally I wanted to use wool the amount of sheep I would have had to shear was horrendous, so I settled for just a coloured wool trim. This time however the balloon is in full colour and splendour with my initials plastered on it as is the norm, just so people know it’s me you know? I made a slight error with the balloon design, I’d made it within even lines instead of odd, without a single row of blocks down the middle:

Like this - [][][][]
Instead of this - [][][][][]

So basically what that meant was in order for the Zeppelin boat to sit properly, I would have to make it wider, and in case you don’t know, making things like aeroplanes and boats with no middle row of blocks doesn’t make things easy but I had to pull it off as there was no way I was re-making the balloon. So it turned out kind of weird, but ok I think. I also remade my Zeppelin tower with the “Hoegaarden” which was pretty simple and worked fine except that this part of my very old singleplayer map was apparently a swamp biome and had that greenish tinge. As you have probably noticed I decided to use Misa’s 64x64 texture pack as Faerielight 256x256 didn’t look to good at all with the balloon wool.

Inside of the balloon
As you can see the drivers seat is slightly off-centre, ah anyway
More deck and cabin space this time with the two extra blocks
Will ya look at those crops

 Templo del amor, del agua (The Temple of Water Love)

My remake of the temple of water love didn't change too much apart from the different location changing the shape slightly as the floor of the ocean was deeper down and this the shaft was deeper apart from that it came out fine. I remember when I first made it, it was in a part of my now very old world that it didn't rain and boy that did not help as the whole feature of the temple is when it rains. Also the Faerielight 256x256 texture pack gives it a nice touch.

Rain comes through here....
And goes through here...
And ends up ere!

So just a quick Minecraft update, I'll be back for more Minecraft goodness with my adventures with Richy D in his world of Ralgon and the next episode of the Adventures of JD aka the almighty Brick Mansion.


I'd to fly, high in the sky, in an eagle's domain in the sun

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