Thursday, 6 September 2012

Minecraft Adventures: Ozgamerparty, The Underground hall hideout and Admin tomfoolery in the 1.3.1 update

Well here we go again, I said I’d do it and I did, Ozgamerparty Minecraft is back in proverbial full swing and things have certainly started out swingingly. The 1.3.1 patch had come out along with the changes that I had detailed in the previous MC Adventures which I won't go into them again but most are good.

Early on when the new 1.3.1 map had been opened on the server I quickly joined up with my friend Atomic and his friends Brendan and that forest-burning, mass-furnace-obsessed wacko deadman47. I found they had travelled a short way across the sea to a tiny island in the middle of a huge ocean biome which wasn’t actually too far from the spawn area, and made a fairly cramped underground base and stairwell which obviously (as you know me) wasn’t going to work. 

That was our island, out in that huge mutha of an ocean, notice the Mushroom island on the lower left
It was fairly inconspicuous, apart from the torches as I got sick of the fackin spiders spawning above ground and making noise, I mean I went out one time and there was 4 of em up there.
We quickly widened out the resource room and we decided that there will be a large main stairwell as a centre for our underground base as this would allow us to have rooms jutting out from this stairwell as well as being able to have underground houses with windows to look out on to something rather than having ‘jail-cell’ like rooms. So we made the stairwell with included a nether portal, a large farm and a mine (full of slimes, no less) at the bottom. I also properly organised the chests but found when I logged in one night they were all re-organised to deadman’s liking but whatever, I don’t really care, though I had to change all the signs around cause of his lack of spelling skills  for example “caol” and “coblestone” I also really don’t understand his fascination with making large rooms with walls full of furnaces.

My design of the the Psynapse resource room. I think is pretty neat, if you ask me, yeh it takes more space then say putting the chests in rows, but I reckon it looks better..
So anyway we got our rooms underway and I went out looking for supplies, most notably wool (which I amassed quite a large amount of) flowers, possibly some coal and clay, the clay being the hardest to find for some reason. Ever since a certain patch (not sure which one probably the one which introduced swamps) clay has been in abundance, though in this map even in swamps I was finding it hard to locate for some odd reason. Though it did seem like someone had gone through the area already cause I found the clay in some out-of-the-way areas. Once I had gotten all of the resources I was eager to get started as I enjoy making underground rooms look more homely.

I done sheared dem sheep

I started by smelting all my clay into brick and making a brick wall with windows and doorway as an entrance to my house, inside I made a small work area with furnaces, a crafting table and a small open lava feature which acts as an incinerator. I also started to make a sitting area with wooden couches and a netherack fire in the centre with some iron bars around it. I’d planned to continue the brick wall all around the edges of the room (though it was kind of hard because I’d actually broken through the bottom of the ocean floor) with a combination of yellow/red/orange carpet and the roof of wooden oak just to make things look more homely and have little sign of stone.

The brick wall of my room in the underground base
My half-finished underground house
 Unfortunately  my plans and dreams were shattered as I logged in one night to find our underground home ransacked and all of my hard earned brick pilfered, not to mention pretty much everything else in our homes and all the valuable items from our storage. I was kind of annoyed about the brick, but there was really not much I could do, though I really did want to finish of that home, but oh well, it can wait for another time I was lucky enough to have made a full set of diamond armor previously so I at least had that and all of my tools.

Our post-grief-and-theft underground stairway
SO with that behind me I decided to see what other factions would take me, and right off the bat my old friend Rennz (WarpageHD) invited me to his faction of Aniki (not sure what that means). He also mentioned that his faction was “peaceful” which basically meant that they could not get griefed and could not attack others, so in other words perfect for me and I don’t know why I didn’t get my previous faction set to peaceful in the first place though you have to get admins to do it I think.

Aniki Town Centre
Fletcher's cobble castle-thing
Rennz had a pretty good faction area going already, including a town hall, several jungle trees inc one built into some kind of house, a waterfall, a large wheat farm and lake with bamboo surrounding and what looked like a villager ‘tenement’.

The resource room
I checked that egg at the wall and a chicken with a normal sized head and smaller body came out
Fletcher's Jungle tree hotel.
The Egg farm
Wheat Farm
Villager tenement (no we're not slavers)
Reed Farm
Alternate Shot of Aniki
 I didn’t waste much time deciding on what I was going to do for a house as it certainly wasn’t going to be made of brick this time. I first needed a place to set up before I could start making my house and I found this small crevasse inside the faction claim which I lovingly named the "Slum district" and made a dirty hole in the side to live in for the time being.

Slummin' it up
I decided to create what I had been meaning to for a while, a giant version of a normal Minecraft tree which I have detailed in a previous post, I think it worked out pretty well though.

Aniki with my Treehouse visible
Dynamap view
I'm wearing a full set of Diamond Armor here, along with a steel sword which is for some reason shaped like a pirate sword. I went back to my old Domo-kun skin but I think I may bring back the human one if this is what i'm going to look like with texture pack armor on, even if other can't see me.
 We’ve got 4 people in our faction, Rennz, FletcherHD, Ninjasport, Blacklabelskata and me. I haven’t really interacted with Ninjasport as yet, she (or he, Rennz thinks it’s a girl due to the female skin but I have my doubts) has set up a base across the way from ours and Rennz built quite a large platform complete with powered minecart tracks all the way to Ninja’s base which was off-claim, we did actually decide to make Ninja’s claim part of ours in order for hers to be peaceful as well for protection though being fairly new to the game she was kind of reluctant as it may have sounded like we were taking over her base, but of course not we’re just ‘assimilating’ your property, said the Corporation to the homeowner.

Dynamap view of the bridge, the Dynamap for the server has had an update and is now at a high camera angle
 Due to books now needing 1 leather to create and the difficulty of finding cows when you need them we decided to create a cow farm in this open cave we mined out, funnily enough it wasn’t too hard to find cows nearby and we basically just started breeding. Which is a very surreal process as you can see below, The 5 minute time limit does make things a bit arduous though it’s ok if you make the paddock near the faction home and you can zip right back to there.

The Cow farm.
 Pigs, Sheep, Chickens, Cows and Mooshrooms enter "love mode" if fed one wheat. Wolves enter love mode when they are fed any type of meat. Cats enter love mode when they are fed a raw fish. Tamed wolves and cats must be at full health before being fed to enter "love mode". Animals in "love mode" emit hearts constantly and will path towards nearby animals of the same species that are also in love mode.[3] The two animals will "kiss" for about two and a half seconds, and then a baby animal of the same species spawns either in between the parents or on the same blocks as the parent that was spawned first, which ends love mode for the parents. They will not be able to enter love mode again for 5 minutes. However, they can be herded with the appropriate material, regardless of age. After the baby animal has spawned, it will follow its parents for 20 minutes before growing to full size.

-Courtesy of Minecraftwiki

So there you go, you can make cows fall in love and have sex in 5 minutes, pop out a baby in two and a half seconds which reaches adulthood in 20 minutes, amazing, though this is a world where trees grow to full size in under 30 minutes.

For those who don’t know our resident shenanigan Moderator Jason1211. Recently I was warped to the spawn area to see a giant hole where the ocean should be, no doubt it was Jason doing some destructive worldediting, he then reverted the ocean floor back then the ocean itself right on top of a group of us who were watching, which made quite a cool effect while the server lag caught up.

What a mess.
Thats the top layer of the ocean just coming down, was quite scary actually until we could swim up.
 A short time after that we apparently had all four faction members online at the same time and since we were the only players on our always responsible mod decided to have some fun with us, this started with spawning mass amounts of Silverfish in the town hall then spawning cows and sheep everywhere then pigs and punting them off Fletcher’s tower, then adding a massive amount of extra cows including Mooshrooms to our cow farm, needless to say it was an experience not to be forgotten.

Spot the Rennz
This was quite fun and also scary I can assure you.

Lupi was fairly antisocial this time around. also check out my sword, oh yeh

Well that's all for now, I may update the post with more pictures and happenings, don't know how much longer I'm going to be playing Minecraft for the time being. Playing F1 2011 by request from a friend, also playing GTA4: The Ballad of Gay Tony again as well as watching the first series of the simply magnificent Game of Thrones series.

Penny Arcade Expo may be coming to Australia! this is very exciting and we eagerly await which city it will be held in. Also have a look at this interview with Notch during one of the US Paxs's's's, it's quite an interesting read.


Peace is underrated.


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