Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Minecraft Creations: The Blocktree House

Guten abend everyone, back with some more Minecraft Creations. During my recent activities on the Ozgamerparty Minecraft server I had been planning to make a great new undergound house, but alas with my previous faction Atomic‘s “Psynapse“ not being set to ‘peaceful‘ unfortunately our underground mini island home was ransacked and most of my resources were lost. SO I had to find a new home with a new faction and I did with Rennz‘ “Aniki“ in which I quickly set up as a house in a small crevasse I fondly named the “Slum District“. I had wanted to create a slightly different version of my Jungle Treehouse as this time it would be made of oak and this time it would resemble a normal minecraft oak tree except be giant in size.

I managed to create this right on the edge of our claim, I mean literally the leaf blocks on the edge of the right side were on the edge of the claim, now thats precision craftsmanship.
Wide angle
I also must mention that I am using a new texture pack, namely Faerielight by Develsaa. I recently had to resert to finding a new 256x256 texture pack as my beloved LB Photorealism wasn’t up to date at the time (though I think it is now) Though I think I’m going to stay with Fairielight as I quite like the look of it although the text that  is used with it is kind of difficult to work with and I can’t change it as I can’t get Optifine to work with the new update for some reason. I looked through a few other packs some of which looked terrible though I must admit not all 256x256 packs are made with realism in mind.

Faerielight texture pack
So I set off to cut some wood and man‘o‘man did I get a lot of wood and put it to good use (snigger). I borrowed Rennz‘ efficiency II diamond axe which helped immensely, I must have felled so many trees during that period that the Minecraft Environmental Conservation Society (MECS) almost arrested me for deforestation but of course I’d planted the saplings so they had nuthin, it’s lucky that trees in MC respawn so fast. And so with my huge haul of oak logs I started making the tree trunk, plan was simple, make the trunk wide enough to live in, and have a tall enough trunk so that when I add the leaves it doesn’t appear too short. I finished the trunk pretty quickly having needed to go back for more logs once or twice, but man can I tell you that the new "stack logs sideways" feature brough in by patch 1.3.1 is fucking annoying. For example in order to stack logs upright now you have to be above them, which annoyed the fack out of me to no end since I was only placing logs upright on the tree and the amount of times I accidentally put the log sideways cause I apparently wasn't above it was alot I can tell you.

I Then started on the leaves at the top, and I was going to need quite the shiteload of leaves in that regard. I must have gone through about 15 shears running around that forest slicing foliage off the trees like some kind of crazed farmer who had misplaced his sheep and needed to vent his frustration, after realising that the trees don’t actually grow their leaves back I had to cut all the bare trunks down and plant all the saplings for a second time lest the MECS be on my ass again.

That I do.
I started creating the leaves part of the treehouse and basically did it in 6x5 blocks, it wasn’t any specific size I just wanted it to resemble a giant Minecraft tree which it ended up looking like a sort of sombrero, possibly becaise I had to shave a bit off the bottom of the rim to fit in the balcony.

Hola seƱor!
I built a ladder all the wall through the tree with a trapdoor up the top with some stairs cut in order to get up to the top of the tree and walk around the edge. I then started on the bottom level where I had to jut the double iron doorway out one block so I could put the stone floor panel out of the way of the work area, I had a fair amount of brown wool from my sheep shearing escapades so I decided to use that for the floor. I arranged my chests and workbench and cut holes in the trunk for windows and put iron bars on them for protection and soon realised that there wasn’t exactly much room inside the trunk so I had to dig out a lower level for my furnaces. The space issue was a bit more evident on the upper floors as I found I really didn’t have much room for my usual bedroom furnishings on the 2nd level such as a bed, bookshelves, flower pots, a chest and juke box and it ended up being quite cramped, though this was remedied by adding glassed windows including a double on one side.

Trapdoor at the top of the ladder
Hole and stairs at the top
Mah door be jutting.
The carpet does look a bit gritty with the texture pack, then again you can get kind of gritty in Minecraft
That'll hold off the Zomabies
Furnace room, not much room but then again I don't need much.

Usual Minecraft bedroom amenities
 The third level would be my alchemy/enchanting room although I eventually had to split them into two, the alchemy room led out to the outer full-cricle balcony which I had created with logs and leaves which goes against the “big Minecraft tree“ idea but looks quite nice anyway. The enchanting room on the 4th level was kind of a challenge as there wasn’t enough room to do the usual enchanting setup, not to mention that books now need leather to be created which is a major pain in the rear and has led to a major growth in cow poaching and farming for everyone to supply their enchanting addictions. Anyway so there wasn’t enough room so I had to put the enchanting table right next to the ladder so the bookshelves had space to work their magic which wasn’t exactly preferable from an interior design perspective but is manageable. After that all I had to do was arrange windows (that showed basically nothing but foliage) and it seemed to be complete though because of the multiple levels and the height of the roofs in the enchanting and alchemy rooms only had wood floors and I preferred to always have a layer of wood or something else under the wool carpet.

Alchemy Room with door to ringed balcony
Enchanting room
I’d be lying if I said this will be last treehouse I make whether it‘s house-in-a-tree or house-that-is-a-tree but next time I really think I will try to do something different although it probably will still be a wacky style of house, cause you know that’s how I roll. Though maybe I should try something different, Da_Seano of our server has made a pretty nice looking tavern, maybe I could trump him with a luxury restaurant ,anyway full details of the recent Ozgamerparty MC server will follow, lebewohl for now.


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