Thursday, 5 July 2012

Minecraft Creations: The Birchwood House

Once I returned to the Ozgamerparty server, I shacked up with my friend Lupidoo as I had before in his miniature little claim of Pandaland in a middle of some big forest northeast of spawn, his place really wasn’t that big but he managed to make a small space for me to build my house in. Basically I just wanted to make a basic two story house, because as you know I don’t try to pull off big crazy schemes in multiplayer anymore, I didn’t take too long to come up with the material for building either, I saw that we were in a forest and there usually is a large amount of birch in forest biomes, and there was in this one. So after hacking down (and replanting of course) a large number of birch trees I started making the house.

An aerial (well in a tree) shot of the house and Pandaland, as you can see, it is quite small (the claim not the house).
I made a basic square design and used wooden slabs for stairs leading up to the 2nd level. I did the windows sparingly on the lower level as two sides of the house we facing the stone wall. For the roof I decided to go with design I had used for my Tree Mansion except without the wooden slabs on the top course just the birch wood and the glass panes, for the top I out a dirt block down and grew an actual birch tree, this coupled with the width of the roof and the many layers of the ‘pyramid’ style I use made it quite tall and rose above the treetops.

I used a mixture of birch logs and wood for the window frames, my friend Atomic mentioned that my house “looked like a cow” which I suppose it would using the default texture pack.
The Birch House rises!
 I sort of did the lower level interior twice, as I basically just had two chests, 4 furnaces, a workbench, a wooden couch and a pool table yes a pool table, I always now have pool tables, they might be small with cue sticks looking strangely like fence posts and apparently have no pockets or balls but yeh it’s a pool table. After I was overloaded with a generous amount of new items from Atomic so I had to re-arrange the furniture in order to put in another two double chests to store it all, but there was still enough room for everything apart from the “pool cues”.

Lower level before the change
Lower level after the change
Top floor
The top floor I basically decorated the usual way, though I made a new and more interesting looking bookshelf with some empty shelves. I made my usual bed with wool carpet surrounded by a half-bookshelf wall, some iron bars to guard the edge of the stairway and a wooden couch, some indoor plants and a water feature coming from the roof. I had an ill-fated attempt to create a fireplace (in my house made of wood no less) and ended up burning down half the upper floor walls and roof as I had inconveniently forgotten that fire spreads vertically as well as horizontally.

I thought I'd include this shot with the now half-demolished forest in the background, that wasn't me by the way though I did burn down half my roof at one point.
Didn’t do much around the area surrounding the house as there wasn’t much room, just added some birch saplings for decoration, I’ll have to get Lupi to extend the claim so I can make an extension, maybe a spa or something, I really have to make him do a proper house at some point maybe refurbish that barn of his.


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  1. what's the texture pack called?

    1. Hi! sorry for the delay I think it was the Cyberghost's HD REalism 256x one