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Minecraft Adventures: The return to Ozgamerparty, construction, devastation and petty shenanigans continue in the shadow of Patch 1.3

I felt it was that time again to give SWTOR a rest and get back into an alternate online world full of blocks and byoing kazowie it has been reasonably fun. So ventured back on to Ozgamerparty once again and when I’d found out that apparently the VIPA claim had been made public and all of my resources that I had left there had gone to Lupi , I decided that I pretty much had to shack up with my old friend Lupidoo again in his cozy little new claim of Pandaland which was smack bang in the middle of quite a large forest biome, I’m not sure why, I guess he just likes his privacy.

Pandaland in it's original state, with my Birch house there of course
Pandaland is pretty small, just a cobble walled off area in the middle of a forest to the northeast of spawn, Lupidoo seemed to have built an indoor farm, a resource room, an enchanting table and an empty wooden house which I thought was supposed to be his house but I found the only place which had a bed was simple square box with coloured wool around oh well I guess some people are minimalistic. I found that monsters still spawned inside the area so I added a few more torches but they always seem to be there, I know that spiders can climb over the wall but there’s still skeletons and zombies around, what am I supposed to do? put a torch every 3 blocks? ah well.

Lupi's Bedrom, simple but functional, and also striking
Being in a  forest biome gave me an idea, forest biomes have lots of birch trees. And I’d never used birch as a building material before, so I thought, what the hey-ho and made quite a nice looking place, fairly basic, square two story, (I’ve made a larger Minecraft creations post about it) and I did the same sort of room that I did with my Tree Mansion with an actual birch tree at the top so it turned out to be the biggest and tallest building in the claim.

Wide-angle shot of Pandaland
Some notable events that have happened since, I visited Atomic_Sandwich and his friend deadman1’s claim of New Venezia, which they have built in the sky, which seems all the rage now that the building height limit has been raised significantly, there’s also the town of Darkserif which has its platforms in the sky, which look pretty cool I might add, though recently something has happened to it, something to do with lava I bet with the cobble mountain, but anyway.

New Venezia Dynamap view
From the ground
The lower part of DarkSerif by night
Wide shot of Darkserif (on the right) and Sandy, not sure of the whole story of how that cobble mountain got to be there, and it looks like sandy has some kind of lava waterfall thing going on
I logged on one night to find Atomic and deadman1 giving the BOSSES faction the ol’ lava treatment as they were unhappy about where they had set up their base which was obviously too close and BOSSES had apparently just told them to “bring it”. Pouring Lava then garnishing with water seems to be the way to go these days as it makes a healthy dose of destruction and cobble strewn everywhere.

To destroy almost any enemy faction HQ, first add lava...
Then water to leave a healthy dose of cobble
After that Atomic wanted to make some kind of library for NewVenezia, so I offered my reed farm for him to use, which he demolished in about 10 seconds and then said we should set up another one, which we did under the ground near Pandaland.

You can't see the rest of it, but I can assure you it was one big reed farm, sometimes with monsters
It was around this time that deadman decided to set fire to the surrounding forest and made quite a bald patch as you can see below, Atomic wasn’t happy about this but I really don’t see banning people as a problem solver, I’d actually think a more suitable punishment would be to make him re-plant the forest (with the saplings provided by admins of course) though I really have no idea. This is the reason why I don’t make anything I really want to keep forever in multiplayer, course I myself was trying to make a fireplace in my house made of birch which didn’t go too well and I had to rebuild most of my roof.

Our forest of peace! noooo!
That's one unlucky pig up there, don't worry I shot it out of it's misery
Oh really?
If that ain't proof I dunno what is
Area around Pandaland in the aftermath
I returned a couple of times to get some more screenshots and found that the forest appeared to still be on fire and a greater area and been consumed by the flames, but apart from weeping inconsolably about how this reflects on the sorrow and devastation of real-life bushfires similar to the Corrupted Blood incident in WoW and not to mention natural Panda habitat, I really couldn’t care, especially since this world is probably going to be hit by the reset hammer once 1.3 arrives in August.

Dynamap view after the first fire
After I got back the second time
And speaking of 1.3 it seems to have a fairly large amount of changes coming with some catching my eye more than others

·         Removed the downwards knockback while drowning.
     Can you remember how many times you were diving for clay then started to lose health due to no breath but could not return to the surface fast enough as you were being knocked back down?

·         Cocoa plants
Finally theres an easy way to get Cocoa beans

·         Sandstone Stairs and new slabs and stairs that correspond to the appropriate wood colour types.
Finally, though can’t they just make all the wood items be the right colour as well?

·         Empty buckets and signs are now stackable up to 16
Also finally, now if only doors would too

·         Jungle Temples
Yay Jungle temple , now we don’t just go there to get that golden head and run away from that rolling rock, we take as well all the chiseled stone bricks we can find. I'm actually quite surprised that the entirety of the temple isn't made out of this stuff, I spose if it was, Jungle Temples would be hunted down and demolished on every survival multiplayer server.

Also I finally got round to actually taming a wolf as you can see below which was quite fun, and I can definitely say their much better than cats, more obedient at least.

I call him Blueberry
So just a small update for now. I’ll keep these things in mind for the coming month and wait with anticipation, lately there's been talk of a world reset, a few are for it and a few are against it but in the end it's NoRC's call. For now it’s back to Diablo throi and SWTOR for me.


Home base of the "Kirby" faction, ahh gotta give em credit

But where will all the Pandas go?

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