Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Matter of Facts

I have had some queries about my ‘reviews’ of games about having a score out of ten or having pros and cons at the end of the posts, I have actually considered this, but have decided against the idea for the moment as there is enough places that give you that kind of thing. Though I call them ‘reviews’ this site is more my musings on the various games I play and aren’t intended to be akin to a commercial website, I suppose if you wanted I do a sort of sum-up at the end of posts which you could read if you wanted the basic jist. I just don’t want people to base their judgement of the game by my opinions cause (let’s be honest here) they may not exactly be correct and if I have a section right down the bottom that someone may skip to and read the “quick facts and score out of 10” they might get the wrong idea, of course who says anyone on sites such as IGN & Gamespot reviews are %100 correct either it’s all (mostly) based on opinion.

I will think about it for the future, but for now if you just want the bare minimum, skip to the bottom and read my final ultimatum or go-a-searching through the world-wide-sea of game review sites, there will be plenty more on the matter I assure you.

I leave you now with a cartoon from Scott Ramsoomair of whose comic has kept me occupied over the years as a pleasant alternative to Penny Arcade


in my humble opinion

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