Thursday, 17 November 2011

Minecraft Adventures: Mikeland Factions spawn area re-visited

Just a quick post here regarding the Mikeland Factions server

As some of you may have read from my previous post I wrote about my adventures of the Mikeland Factions minecraft server, but forgot to get photos of the magnificent spawn before it was destroyed due to the unexpected loss of the modifications on the server thus rendering the spawn area unprotected (and those of you who do play Minecraft will know all too well what that means)

Well fortunately the server and the spawn area has been made anew (not sure whether that was the official post though)

So here we are, some shots of the best spawn area I have seen in any Minecraft server as yet

Spawn area on top of the tower with a water fall-stopper down
The spawn tower with cages for naughty players

View of middle courtyard from spawn
The world portals and a pvp arena
Alternate pvp arena
Shop district
Shop district (unfinished)
Admin shop
Admin shop
The playable pvp arena

Awesome huh? too bad I probably won't be playing on Mikeland anytime soon with the rumored return of a new server from the one and only Norc of Neonetwise, and stay tuned for some Battlefield goodness

Signing out.


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