Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fraps, Fiendish and the Expressionable masses

I have done a bit of experimenting with fraps and found it quite easy to use not to mention useful for screenshots, viewing your frames per second (this is sometimes abbreviated as FPS confusingly the same as First Person Shooter) in any game you desire as well as recording videos as I was thinking of making a youtube account and adding videos to my blog if the need arises. Usually I have just found relevant videos from the net if I need to show something. But I suppose having my own videos would be useful if I want to show a specific example of what I do in a game, I decided not to go with it for my Battlefield post as there was enough content out there to use. I think this kind of thing would be more suited to my Minecraft posts where I can catch what happens in my experiences or show off what I’ve made by way of panning camera and walkthroughs. 

I like to think of myself as a writer more then a videoblogger as my very Minecraftesque friend TheFiendish has established himself to be, I’ve seen some scepticism from certain places that there is quite a lot of Minecraft (as well as other game) machinima out there and I’d rather not add to the mass (though you could argue there are a lot of blogs out there too) but when you obviously haven't scripted what you are going to say, it does begin to sound a bit painful unless what you are doing is someway incredibly exciting.

The Fiendish's, 'Let's play Minecraft' series, riveting stuff

One of the things I like about writing is that I can write in a lot of places that aren’t at home and I can express things better rather than through unscripted babble or a voiceover while viewing game footage. Also I use screenshots because I do save every one I take on my hard drive and they do take up a bit of space, and if these happened to be videos they would take up about triple the space, though technically there would not be as many videos and possibly less screenshots if I did this. Additionally I do not have the best internet bandwidth cap (25gig per month), so I would rather not be uploading and constantly auto-downloading while checking the videos, though these issues can all be rectified in some way.

I will definitely keep this in mind though, especially for future Minecraft posts.


We might possibly be genuinely interested.

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