Sunday, 9 October 2011

Minecraft Adventures: Tribalfield Minecraft Server, the community, the grief and the accomplishments‏

I have always felt that I had made this previous post prematurely, as I was sure there was more Tribalfield to come after then as much as I wanted to go back to WoW, but this message came so suddenly. I had only got home from work and look oddly at the various posts on facebook before my suspicions were realized, there were suspicions about the server closing down in the past but they were shrugged off with the revamping to 1.8 but not long at all after that we were confronted with this message

I have to admit I wasn’t really sure how to react. I had nothing against NORC for this, he ran the server at his own expense, trying to make the experience better for us all, with a small amount of donations and help from a few of us over the time and I respect the decision his decision to shut down the server. Tribalfield had always been a great place from the good and the bad times there was always a very diverse bunch of people on there which each of us got to know sometimes quite well. But we all know that the number one factor that made tribalfield so great was the community (which we have facebook to thank for that since the loss of the forums) we all played on the server and we all discussed, shared and argued about both Tribalfield and Minecraft as well as anything else we wanted to bring up this kind of community wouldn't be possible without a medium to properly communicate or a player base that was overwhelmingly large, everyone knew everyone else, (well mostly) and it didn't take long for them to be added to the facebook group family.

As many of us have I have saved some screenshots of the 1.7 and 1.8 maps as a last testament to the Tribalfield server feel free to comment if some of these creations are yours. Also I apologize if I didn't get everything I couldn't really find much on the 1.7 map that wasn't griefed

1.7 Map 

I didn't get much from here as I couldn't find that much and most of it had been severely griefed.

What remained of Zocrowe Island
Wretchedgiraffe's Castle
Frewer's Plateau
Cool castle
Awesomley large castle good job to whoever made this

1.8 Map

Cfelths & Themasses claim
Joro's Claim 1 (with my Zeppelin :D)
Joro's Claim2
Joro's Claim 3
Acal's house: Well done on this I really like the design, best house I'd seen on 1.8
Joro's Claim 4
Joro's Claim5
Random Plateau
Random square plateau
BattleArena near spawn
Cliff near Spawn
The area that was to be Melbourne...
Me, Bailey and Lupidoo's Kiwi Island
Gravelicious! XD
Not even NPC's are safe...
Random villiage
I swear this is WretchedGiraffe's dirt house
BIG Pyramid, good job whoever made this
Inside of pyramid

When you look at some of the things that were done, I wonder how one person could do it, but then I remember that It wasn't always just one person, it was sometimes lots of people co-operating and building, and that's how (pardon my french) shit gets done, that's how friendships are formed and to half quote Meatloaf: that's how Minecraft dreams come true.

Now for a bit of deja vu ...

So without further ado I'd like to again thank everyone I've met in my time on the tribalfield server or just on facebook, you've all helped to make mine and everyone Minecraft experience richer and I hope to see you all in the future from one server to the next.

With Thanks again to: (in order of appearance and apologies if I miss anyone)

mystic_duck, Mickle, wagapm, chaote, angrathar, Carceous, harro, Kieran_Cahill, Andreasonline, Dr_Uhhhh, Da_Seano, jabbcore, FletcherHD, PresidentFreeman, danielstiglec, elboomer, Jorobinson, captain_pugwash, Frewer, TheFiendish, JeniusJJ, Ventelation, rawrbleh, WretchedGiraffe, codzombie, Arycama, cashman, cfelths, themasses and my mysterious other: x_xJDx_x

And of course: kakashi, BaileydeBortoli (mib44), lupidoo, laver, WarpageHD, Atomic_Sandwich, Dickdatson and last but not least: NORC whose hard work and dedication made this server so great.

And to think that we did it all in a game that hasn't been fully released yet, needles to say there will be plenty more Minecraft to come.

Keep in touch....


From one world to the next my friends....