Saturday, 14 May 2011

Tribalfield update: PvP & "Tribal Wars" in Minecraft

Life on Tribalfield is becoming quite busy, my good friend Richard Datson (aka dickdatson) has joined the server and is currently with us in the League and there has been quite an influx of new players which are more or less building up the numbers and the rivalry between the Rebel Alliance and the League Tribes, though to be honest the rivalry is mainly the animosity between certain players on the server.

I have never been a supporter of PvP (Player vs Player) in Minecraft, for the rather large fact that when you are killed, you have to respawn at the spawn point again and all of your belongings on you at the time are strewn across the place of your death and are often unable to be picked up again (which is most definately the case when dying in Lava). I recently forgot to log out of the server when walking away from my pc and subsequently was killed by a zombie and as I had been auto-dced by the server was unable to get my belongings.This made me annoyed, but only with myself, but what would it be like if another player came up and killed you and subsequently stole your belongings? would you be more or less mad? If you ask me it's a nerd rage drama waiting to happen and what if some of these players were actually server moderators? There's also some talk on our server about buildings being regenerated but not player inventory items.

Go near my items and I'll chop your f**king head off! thats right I will! arrgh! errgh!

This is one of the things I've found so unappealing of PvP in minecraft, to be honest I never PvP'd in World of Warcraft cause as far as I was concerned that was not my main interest in it and it was what I thought not what the game was about, the principle is the same with Minecraft, I enjoy building, mining and fighting monsters with other people, I don't enjoy fighting them or them fighting me though this thought of war does excite a few people as per the below from the powers that be of my tribe as evident below:

This was taken off the League's facebook page, yes we have a facebook page for the tribe

From the Office of the Council:

Under this charter, which passed unanimously in the Council, 6 votes recorded out of 9 (with 3 votes not made), The League will go into a state of readiness, defined as a State in which The League can successfully conduct warfare, or defend itself, without being in a State of War.
This bill has been passed under the awareness of certain political events unfolding around the league; the annexing of SWM and TC; the regrouping of their members into RA - "The Rebel Alliance", and the analysis of their intentions according to intelligence gathered via the tribalfieldies Facebook page among other sources.


With this in mind, certain legislation has come into place stating:

1) War facilities must be established; an Armoury in every town, and a defence Fort in the centre of Fiendfield (a house must be removed to make way for this) an a defence Fort in Skyreach (probably the First Battalion Camp).

Blah, blah, blah, sections 2-6 etc etc

7) If war occurs, and loss of all claims is inevitable, The League must remain as an organisational body to guide us all to the formation of a new State and Claim at the soonest date after.

Thank you for reading, and may ~L~ Guide us all.

The COMPLETE BILL as passed by Council, may be made accessible to this page at a later date, at the discretion of a Council Vote.


Well holy shizzle dizzle thats some serious shit right there

The original bill was about 1000 words, I mean well done to wagapm for putting in the effort but isn't this a making things overly complicated for a game which is made of blocks and you destroy and stack blocks and make them into other blocks? But who am I to judge, not everyone enjoys the 'we're all a happy family building and surviving together' type of play that I prefer, there are entire servers of who thrive on PvP and live for the danger of being ambushed by something much more dangerous then a creeper.

I ain't no traitor, I'm just statin' the facts yo