Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Minecraft Creations: Underground house version 2, the Overfarm

Following my latest Minecraft adventures post I mentioned that I was creating an adaptation of my Underground house. I was living in a town and had a fairly large vacant lot to start building in so I thought instead of making a normal house I’d get a bit more elaborate, so I decided to make my patch of land look basically just like a normal farm and I would have a well that leads to an underground house, I would still have skylights but these would be underneath water so would supposedly not be visible (though in the finished product they actually were and I may rectify this.

The finished farm part of the overfarm.
 After starting the process in multiplayer and unfortunately losing my work to a map reset I decided to create it in creative mode as I usually do, I had trouble picking a spot as my original survival map that was now my creative showcase museum world thing didn’t have much clear land left around my original house so I decided to build over the river in the landmass that had my main mine entrance and the Blocktree house which interestingly enough I don’t think I’ve done a Minecraft Creations post about the creative remake, the same with my Hunter’s Hall and Birchwood house. 

The start of my original overfarm, it was a little cozier then.
I started off boring a 2x2 hole into the ground then went I thought I had gone down far enough I got busy with TNT and blew out a reasonable large space where I would make the centre area, this was much higher than last time obviously as this was 7 blocks high instead of 4. I made a hole for the water to fall into then put some water down the hole which allowed you to just jump into the water and  come out onto the floor underneath. I had decided before that the wood for the borders of the innermost area and my bedroom would be made out of dark oak (which is a reddish colour in the Cyberghostde's 256x HD Texture Pack that I’m using) the floor would be made of carpet and spruce wood and the roof would have acacia wood, most of the walls would be brick unless changed for that particular area. I made windows and wooded frames for the entrance area and turned it into a large room with three exits and put chests and crafting tables around as this would be my main crafting area. 

Semi-finished crafting area
 I then started blowing the hell out of the surrounding walls with TNT in order to create more space for rooms etc. 

 I made my bedroom first which was fairly small and simple, it was elevated one block above the main area and decorated with dark oak, orange carpet and a fireplace. 

Bedroom entrance
My Bedroom

I then made the recreation area one block lower with a bar, speakers, pool tables and a giant fireplace. 
The rec room, with egg portraits, lots of egg portraits
I added a forge which was about three block’s lower complete with lava, water, anvils, furnaces and an armory. 

The forge and armory
I made an alchemy room with moss stone walls and some ridiculous lime green carpet and decided to make the library section entirely from spruce wood  a sort of spiral staircase with books in the edges and it went down 3 floors with the lowest level housing the enchanting table and being walled in Obsidian for a sinister feel. Sinister too as around the corner it led down a locked stairwell down to a variation of the “Crimson Hall” from my Brick Mansion, except this one was actually bigger and longer and took quite a while to mine out a hallway as I had broke into another cave system.

The Alchemy Room
The library with stairway down to the enchanting table
The obsidian level
Stairway to...
The Crimson Hall 2!
After randomly decorating the middle hallway with pictures etc I had a bit of space left over so I thought, well it’s a house I may as well do a toilet and I did. As with most of the furnishings in the house the toilet took the same style as the one in my brick mansion, made mostly of quartz with cauldron toilets.

Oh yeh, that right!
Complete with skull hand dryers.
Afterwards I cut out the holes for the skylights and added chimney’s for the fireplaces, I had to dig out quite a bit of the hillside in order to accommodate all the skylights for the rooms and the surrounding fence for the farm went quite high up. I planted almost everything I could think of including: wheat, sugar cane, pumpkins, watermelons, carrots and potatoes and tried to include an even amount of each.

Creating the farm
Due to the design of the skylights the farms looked pretty funky, you could actually see the glass underneath the water but I didn’t wait to set the glass and lower down as the extra water would put too much weight on it. I built the well and a covered storage area and it was pretty much done, it looked pretty cool how you could see into the house from the top and vice versa as you could see the sky and the moon from down below.

Inside the house
Looking down from the farm
A shot where I was still building the library roof looking up at the moon.
Most of the rooms I made following the same sort of design as my brick mansion, lastly I made a secret passageway through my wardrobe out of the house into the nearby cave which was the entrance to my main mine.

My secret wardrobe exit

So it ended up working pretty well, was one of the most intensive earth shaping and dredging projects that I’ve done since the brick mansion.

The finished outside and main inside area

So stay tuned there will be more LAN Comps, Brick Mansion updates, creative remakes and a whole new adventure coming up in the world of JD’s Minecraft.


Walk/Flythrough of the Farm/House Farmhouse? nah lol, apologies for me stopping to put a lid on the toilets, I also forgot how to half fill the toilets the bowls kinda full lol need to ill a few beakers.

Home, home in the ground.

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