Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Minecraft Creations: The Steelseries Rollercoaster, Lanslide v9.0 Minecraft Comp

Well I missed the last Lanslide due to being in Japan (of course!) but I was here for number 9 and I am proud to say I was victorious once again. This time around we had to make a Steelseries themed rollercoaster and I had quite a few ideas in my head but decided to start off doing some pixel art and lettering of the logo and maybe a track could go around them. I made the letters and logo as best I could in orange as a flat plane then decided that I was going to have to at least re-create one of their products which was going to be kind of hard as headphones and mice aren’t the easiest things to create in Minecraft.

Logo and lettering
But I went to work anyway on a model of the Siberia V3 Prism headphones and I believe it turned out pretty well, damn hard to sculpt out of blocks though. I then did the rollercoaster and just decided to use grey wool to suit the steelseries theme, then made the track up and across the logo, over the headphones, across the trees then back through going across and under the letters, under the headphones then under the ground (cause I can) and back up to the start where I made a little platform.

Finished headphones
Headphones and track
I was finished all this by the supposed deadline of 5pm then unfortunately they extended it as people needed more time so I was forced to think of something else to do, I decided to add some black outline to the logo and lettering and this made it look much better and then I couldn’t decide on anything to do but add another product and the only one left was, you guessed it... a mouse. Man and I though the headphones  were hard, but I pulled off a SteelSeries Sensei as best I could and it actually looked ok. 

Shots of mouse and headphones
Woo block mouse!
So I thought to myself, well that should be enough then began the nervous wait for the judging. There was only two other contestants, one guy made a small coaster in a swamp with a cool feature of using activator rails to trigger fireworks when you got to the end. The ones I was most worried about was a team of two who made a huge tall coaster complete with huge black walls with the steelseries logo and text, it went around everywhere and jumped from track to track even stopping with some funny messages. Despite this I ended up winning as they came second because their “rollercoaster” actually stopped and felt more like a train. 

Finished product
Side shot
So whoop de doo! I won! And I won a steelseries mousepad along with a $100 PLE voucher and another mousepad though this one actually fits my desk so I can use it as backup. Looking forward to next comp!


Sweet, Sweet Victory
Game of cubes

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