Friday, 26 September 2014

An Android and his Nexus: New Post Title Introduction

Well here I go again, another post type, I have finally delved into the untouched (for me at least) realm of mobile gaming. The title comes from when I was preparing for a trip to Japan with my martial arts group (I do Iaido) and I decided I should get a multimedia tablet for internet, email and gaming cause I didn’t want to use my phone all the time. Funnily enough I decided on an Asus Google Nexus 7 (2013 Model) for a few reasons which I’ll detail below.
  • It runs on Android
  • It has a powerful CPU and graphics erm chip or card I don’t know what they have.
  • It was cheap! (only $305)
  • It has lots of storage space, I got the 32g model which has 26gb free 
My main screen in landscape mode, I managed to pretty much copy all of the apps from my phone,  the time/date and weather widget isn't a built-in feature
There are some drawbacks such as  7” screen which is only slightly bigger than those giant Samsung galaxy note phones and also I got the wifi-only version so I’d need to be connected via wifi to be able to use internet. However these are a minor issues, the way I see it if I got an actual gaming handheld such as the PSP it’s only 4.3 inches which is the size of a regular smartphone anyway. The other thing was I didn’t want to pay for a whole other phone plan for my tablet either, so I got got this nifty little thing called the TP-Link TL-WR702N 150Mbps Wireless N Mini Router Atheros which basically allows you to create a Wifi hotspot from a normal Ethernet port supplying internet.I also got a case to go with it which was one of those thin shell black ones which fit nicely and had that feature where you close the front it automatically switches off the screen and it came with a  free stylus that I love to use as it’s a bit more accurate than your finger for pressing those little links.

Me holding it in portrait mode, the orange bit the the case
 The main reason I got this was for my trip to Japan, (which was awesome by the way) and the Nexus 7 delivered, the screen is great, it’s really fast, I wasted no time setting it up with all my options and most of the apps I had from my phone, it works fine from my wireless internet at home after a bit of mucking around. I was going to try and use Juicedefender and Adblock Plus but unfortunately the Juicedefender kept cutting out the wifi and Adblock plus didn’t really work. After I fixed those two issues the tablet was running much better and pretty soon I had loaded up on various different apps I wanted inc MX Player which plays all types of downloaded movie files where android will not. On the trip itself the time on the plane flew by with me with me mining it up with Minecraft Pocket Edition or going old school with GTA3, and yes that is on the Google play store for Android  even San Andreas is on there, I could scarcely believe it though I spose it was pretty old and these things were pretty damn powerful, so why not.

My games and bookmarks screen, up the top right is the general controls tabs such as wifi and birghtness.
I ended up getting a collection of games as there was an android equivalent of most of the games I play, I’ve detailed whole list below. It truly is a good gaming device, there’s even a Steam App

Pegland and Pegland Deluxe – This is just basically an Android version of Peggle though not as good but that’s usually the case with free games.

Boing! Pow! Zing! Isn't the same as Peggle though
Battlefield 4 Commander and Battlelog App  - These are one of the main reasons I got the tablet, I like being the Commander though it’s nowhere near as good as it was in BF2, I just like the idea of commanding a match while your friends play. When I was playing this in Japan they were damn obedient I can tell you that.

Oh the responsibility!
Grand Theft Auto  III – The old favourite, I chose to play this one as I’d played San Andreas recently and wanted to go right back to the (almost) beginning, plays pretty wellbut would really love a controller for it.

I don't know about you but I kinda liked good old Claude from GTA3, especially at the start of the game.
Minecraft Pocket Edition – You could probably see this one coming, though there is a few features that are missing or different to the PC, the main one being finite worlds.

Edge of the world, that just ain't right man.
Ravensword 2 Shadowlands – This is basically Skyrim just lower res and slightly different, less Dragons maybe.

This will be much easier with the MOGA pro
Real Racing 3 – There were a ton of realistic racers though this one was pretty good, couldn’t exactly find a test drive unlimited equivalent

Hey who recognizes this place? the developers do, as they are based in Melbourne.
Order and Chaos Online – They basically could have called this World of Warcraft for Android, top notch MMO for a mobile device.

Looks familiar doesn't it?
Clumsy Bird -  Of all the Flappy bird clones this one is awesome, it looks great and can even play online with others seeing how far you can get within a set time period.

Multiplayer fun!
Repulze – This is basically Wipeout except with less focus on tricky tracks and ship flying and more on shooting. Have to try this one yet.

Off road sections? reminds me of Wipeout Fusion, ugh oh well I'm sure it's still better

These three were put on by my friend along with a whole bunch of others, these were the only 3 I kept.

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space – Yep you know what these are, tbh I may delete them as I really don’t see the hype.

2048 – An interesting numbers game that I can’t quite work out, it’s pretty damn popular though.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 – Another well known one, is pretty cool but I got kinda bored of it after a while.

The TP-Link router was really good as the wifi in the hotel was average at best, I really noticed the different when I beefed it up with the internet for the port, I actually had to go get another adaptor plug for the adapter plug that I had as it was an older Japanese plug. So apart from a few issues I had some good nights of gaming while in Japan. Screw arcades hey?

Ahh gaming home away from home.
So basically after explaining all that this post title will be about the games I play on my Nexus 7 using Android, hence the title, haven’t exactly decided what the first post will be but we’ll see. As a final note I’ve bought a MOGA Pro controller for my Nexus 7 so I may leave any games that I want to try with the controller for later and focusing on the ones that I only use the styles and some touching for, that sounds kinda weird actually.


I’m through touching I need hands-on

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