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Minecraft Adventures: Patch 1.6.1 The Horse Update & Angrathar's Amarthine Minecraft server, the admirable attempted rebirth

If you’ve ever read my Minecraft Adventure posts before you’d know about the Tribalfield community which was the original server the group of us who make up the Tribalfield group on facebook were active on run by our good friend NoRC, this of course was before it turned into Ozgamerparty and eventually died out when we went on to other (greater or lesser) things. Awhile ago one of the longer standing members: Angrathar along with his friend Orik decided to start a new Minecraft server and host it on a server hosting account that Ang signed up for on Hypernia which was very generous of him I might add, it was probably spurred on by another member crashbaby’s comments on the destroyed but much-loved ‘Tree of Life’ from August 2011.

Boy I did not know the tree was loved that much, when we started playing on the server the original idealist and designer Lupidoo even suggested he wanted to make a new one which would be bigger and better and named “Albert”. I mentioned that this was quite ambitious but if he’s going to make it he may as well use his own server and limit the people who work on it and if he ever does I myself should take part.

Our conversation on a new tree, I can't say I was too surprised I guess.
I spose though I should quickly go over the latest (major) patch for Minecraft. 1.6 The Horse Update brought with it many things, one of the biggest changes I found was that the dramatic change to the Minecraft launcher. The launcher now support different versions of the game and you can create different profiles which are attached to different version of the game. This new interface is a first step towards the planned Plugin API or “Workbench” which will allow modders to easily add more content to the game. In other words it means that in order to install mods we may never need to touch the minecraft.jar file again and therefore save ourselves from screwing up our games.

The new Minecraft Launcher
Though this does come with a few problems, the new launcher automatically updates the game for you, so in order to install mods currently you need to create a new profile with a new version which is not synced with the main server in order to install your mods on. Also at the time when the patch came out, all texture packs were unusable as they needed to be converted to Resource packs which now encompassed music, sounds, language files, end credits, splashes and fonts as well as textures. This created a bit of a pain but was necessary and I do look forward to the new plugin system where I can just push a button to update my mods (if they are available) though there technically already is something like this by the name of Magic Launcher though I was never able to get this working properly and ended up doing things the manual way.

Speaking of mods I feel I might try and get some Shader mods going or even try out the Twilight Forest mod of course these do need the Minecraft Forge Mod in order to run which is another thing I need to get working next time I start playing Minecraft again though if I do I can finally use that Painting selection GUI that I’ve ben wanting to use and the randomized paintings in Minecraft do get a bit annoying after a while.

A good example of Sonic Ether GLSL shaders in this video for the Biomes ‘O’ Plenty Mod which is another I might think about trying out.

Another major change was of course the Horses (inc. Donkeys and Mules) which were inspired by DrZhark of the Mo' Creatures mod. Horses can be tamed, ridden, bred and came with a variety of new items including horse armor, hay bales, leads and name tags.

Horses are most commonly found in Meadowbiomes
Amongst the other changes were some additional status effects for potions, console commands, riding and mob difficulty mechanics. New blocks including Hardened Clay, Stained Clay, Block of Coal and Carpet which is sure to make things different when decorating houses . Mobs were changed slightly including Zombie mobbing and additional Villager sounds and Deserts now do not contain lakes which was pretty silly in the first place and you can now find Normal chests in the Nether.

A good overview of the 1.6.1 changes by AntVenom

So now that we’ve got all the sorted let’s get into what happened on the server, well not quite yet as I have to explain the new texture pack which I suppose you’ve noticed. This one is the KoP Photo Realism ‘resource’ pack I should say now which I had to trade for my much loved Faerielight which had not been updated as yet. Yes I know it’s another realism one but that’s what I like isn’t it? Nice and realistic cubes lol. So when I finally worked out how to get all of my mods working and actually started playing on the server I was greeted with a snow covered spawn area, something I had not seen before with any spawn area I’d ever been in, though Ang’s server had basically no mods, it was as vanilla as they come, which kinda a good thing and a bad thing but worked out fine.

I travelled through the taiga biome cutting some logs and hunting animals for food until I found a meadow with a decent sized quarry (i.e. interconnected shallow patches of stone among the grass) which led to quite a large mine with an underground crevasse. I made a rudimentary shelter cave in one of the corners of the quarry under the ground and hunted for some coal and iron to cook my food and upgrade my tools and armaments before conversing with my longtime tribalfield Minecraft buddy Lupidoo and decided to join him.

The snow covered spawn area
It turns out Lupidoo was only roughly 300m away from where I was so it took no time at all to get to him, he had also made a rudimentary hole-in-the-wall style home with a small farm next to it, and the inside was his signature style of a room which is smaller than a jail cell. I didn’t waste any time and started widening up his place until it looked acceptable, I even managed to change the entrance of the mine to go from the corner of the room instead of the middle, pretty soon I had something respectable, including a room for myself. I named the place the cave of cake, and made a sign above the iron door for at the time that’s what I felt like putting in there.

Some shots of the cave with the KoP Photo Realism resource pack

 We then set about gathering resources and mining of which I found lots of coal and iron and even some diamond. I made myself some sweet iron armor and we started buildings farms inc bamboo for books and wheat and carrots for food, I also did a bit of lumberjacking and hunting on the side cause we all need meat and wood yo. We didn’t quite get round to the taming and riding of horses but good ol’ Admin Angrathar came flying down with him and his horse decorated with golden armor and sword, twas a sight to behold.

Lupi and I's farms
I like this shot of us staring into the blackness
There was a few of us in the same meadow with an interconnecting mine. Cashman had originally set up a small house with a farm on a hill not too far away from me and Lupi, Orik and Angrathar had set up close by, also Frewer had his mountain more to the north of there. After we had gathered sufficient resources I started properly scoping out the interior of the cave and organising the resources, I made an inner wall and put the resources chests along the hall on the right and put the furnaces and our bedroom on the left hand wall and properly signed everything up, we also found some cows and started a cow farm for leather.

From left to right: Ang's Hydro-Hole, Orik's farm, Cashman's house and me and Lupi's cave, all in the same meadow.

Our cow farm
Newly organized resource room
Side area, with bedroom furnaces and mine entrance
Bedroom, yes I know it looks like a jail cell
 Following Angrathar’s invitation to go to the Nether we ventured through to Ang’s nether portal and explored it up, I saw lots and lots of quartz which I collected for building I guess, or just because I saw it. I got some lightstone too and we even found a fortress where I managed to relieve some blazes of their rods which funnily enough wasn’t too hard though I did have full iron armor and weaponry and a trusty bow and arrers.

 Unfortunately while in there either I or someone else managed to anger the zombie pigmen and man I don’t know whether the server was set on hard or what all I know is they do a lot of freakin damage, even with iron armor on was killed and annoyingly I couldn’t go back and get my stuff as every time we would go through the portal there were a bunch of zombie pigmen and a wither skeleton charging at us so I lost all my stuff and everything I had with me which was a major pain in the bummo.
Following that disaster I decided to continue working on the interior of the cave, I properly cleared and walled up with cobblestone the two tunnels leading into our main base and walled them up on the opposite side with iron doors which made an interesting upper and lower feel to it, I also widened up the back room on the side of the resource hall.

Oh yeh two back entrances that'll keep em thinking
More room!
Of course the interior of the cave was still all stone and cobble so of course I did what I love to do was make the cave look more homely and that required a multitude of things inc wood for the roof, brick for the walls, and wool and dye for carpet, yes carpet I was going to try out carpet where I could get more carpet for my buck. It was actually quite an adventure first Lupi and I ran through the forest grabbing flowers and roses and chopping down trees then I ran to the swamp and dived in for clay then we decided to pay Orik’s farm a visit (his farm not him, he was away at the time) to shear away at the sheer amount of sheep and chickens he and Ang had amassed.

Orik's Sheep and Chicken farm, efficient but man how cruel

Soon as we finished we came back and Lupi decided that our cave entrance needed a bit of protection so I went inside to organize the interior while he worked on the entry. I lined the roof with oak wood planks and the walls with all the brick I could make which still obviously wasn’t enough but it looked better. I noticed though that my roof near the door was on fire due to Lupi “defences” so I had to remove some near the door. I went out to have a lok at what he’d done and it was pretty hot to say the least though it worked, it worked it was kind of scary and hazardous to get in and out but we flamed and melted almost 30 monsters that night, it was like a bug zapper.

Wow now that's frightening, note that I'm back to my old fairielight texture pack

I then tried out the carpet with some interesting results. I made orange carpet for the resource room and red for the area to the left where Ang had put the enchanting table, I kinda ran out though and couldn't do our sad looking bedroom. The carpet work well in the way that it only goes on top of the floor so you don’t have to remember to put an extra floor layer to hide it and you get 3 carpet blocks from two wool blocks. However there were some problems, for example you can’t stack objects like chests on top of carpet so I had to use wool blocks as normal this makes an uneven effect on the floor both around the chests and wherever the carpet ends and it doesn’t look very good so I don’t think I’ll be using carpet in the future.

The newly furnished cave

So that was that really, we spent a bit more time on the server but after a while we got a bit bored as is what usually happens. I think unless you're playing a mod like Twilight forest, Feed the Beast, Tekkit etc there's not much more to do in Vanilla Minecraft apart from building projects and getting to the end. Still, it’s not going to make me stop continuously delving back in to the fray for more.

Mine on,

Last light after a hard days mining

Together again, though shortly

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